Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blamed it on my sweet honey

First of all, I'm writing this because Brian is making me. That's my disclaimer.

Yesterday morning we had an appointment we couldn't miss at 8:15am. We were in the van and ready to go, except we couldn't find the keys. We looked EVERYWHERE!! Then I realized Brian had driven us home from GA two days before, so he must have put them somewhere--I went out to the van and told him he needed to help because he put them somewhere. After 10 minutes, we ended up taking boys and carseats out of the van and squishing them into the car--just leaving the van in the driveway--hoping the keys would turn up since those are the only set we have...

Later on that evening, we still had not found the keys. Brian was laying in bed, and I was straightening up the room when I noticed my tennis shoes, and a funny little memory came back to me from the day before--I had put my keys inside my tennis shoes, but then removed them and put them under the couch, then removed them and put them in Kaya's bed (she is our German Shepherd)!! I ran into the kitchen and found them laying on the side of Kaya's bed. I felt so silly. Brian asked why they were in Kaya's bed, and I had to admit that I was trying to teach her to sniff out and find lost keys.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brady loves his cookies

So, I woke up from an afternoon nap to a small crash in the kitchen and realized Brady wasn't on the couch anymore. As I rounded the corner I saw him with handfuls of oreos, sitting on the kitchen counter, surrounded by lots and lots of oreos. I also noticed that the crash had been an almost empty oreo package hitting the floor. Brady (keep in mind, not even two yet) had pulled a chair from the dining room, into the kitchen, climbed up onto the counter, opened the cabinet and found the oreo package. He then opened the package and pulled out all of the oreos, but that's not the best of it. After I got onto him and took him off the counter, I started picking up all of the oreos, and low-and-behold, they were missing their cream filling! Brady had licked all of the oreos clean, and not exaggerating, he did this to about 30 oreos! He then put some of them back together! I could not believe it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm offically BACK with Usborne again

When I was in UT I was an Usborne Children's Books consultant, and I loved it--mainly because of all the free and discounted books I got (we built a great children's library), but also because it was a very real and enjoyable way to make a little extra money (average about $75-$100/show). Anyways, since then our lives were nowhere close to normal, so it was put on a backburner. I am now officially announcing that I'm BACK! And I'm so excited--I just got my new package of 10 books, all of which the boys are really enjoying. Usborne books are so kid-friendly--very colorful, educational, and interactive--even Trace watches the pages as I read them. If you want to check out my site--it's Let me know if you see anything you like! Also, if you want to earn free books by hosting a show, either at your home or electronically, let me know and I'll get you the details. I'm so excited to be back!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine love, families, and an urgent care visit

I love my boys...I told a lady today at church that I purposely surround myself with good-looking men, and it's so true!

Yesterday was Valentine's day and we woke up early, gave the boys the little stuffies we got them for Valentines, and then spent the afternoon together (before Brian and I went out). We were supposed to make Valentine's cupcakes with the boys as part of the celebration. Brian mixed it all together with Kalen and Brady and they helped him put them in the oven, but then, about an hour later I saw Brian bent over the cupcakes icing them and practicing his "Piping skills." I called from the bedroom, "Brian, aren't the boys supposed to be doing that with you?!! And he smiled and said, "They can do the sprinkles." He takes a lot of pride now in the presentation of his foods and it's a lot of fun. They did do the sprinkles, and let me tell you, they were pretty amazing cupcakes. Here's a pic of Brian's new piping skills.

It's nice to have a day devoted to showing your love for your family and others --I mean, I know we should do it everyday, and I try my hardest, but when the day is all about that, it's amazing how much more patient we become. Hmmm...I think everyday is going to be valentine's day at our house...maybe we'll make some decorations tomorrow.


Last week we had a family date at Fun Spot, USA here in Kissimmee. I've attached some pictures, and it really was fun to go out with just our family. I belive that's when some of the best memories are made. With Brian's schedule for the next year or so, we don't get a lot of time to be together, so we've decided to devote at least one night a month to all of us going out on a family date. The other weekend nights are going to be for Daddy/Son dates, and then one at least each month for a Mommy/Daddy date. That fills Brian's whole schedule, but he's happy about it.

There's a slash across Brady's cheek in these pictures (when they're little like this, you may not be able to see it), and that's because he's always getting hurt! He fell sideways against a corner wall the day before. I'm lucky most people who see me often with this injured boy, know me, and know I'm not an abusive mother--he's just an accident waiting to happen. Heather told me that she had to take Brian to the Emergency Room growing up more than any of her other at least we know who's footsteps Brady is following in. :-)

Oh, and on Thursday this week Brady was trying to be a ghost with a blanket over his head and fell, banging his upper gum into the coffee table. It scraped the gum up, showing twice the amount of tooth that should be showing, and caused a gash in his gum that was pretty gross and wouldn't stop bleeding. I ran him to the closest Urgent care, thinking he may need stitches, but they said I just need to feed him lots of popsicles...a prescription Brady really enjoyed--supposedly there won't be any permanent damage. At least he's tough.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Motivation for Moms

I've been watching Lisa's "Motivation for Mom's" on her blog for a bit now and I LOVE IT--so I just added it to mine. Thank you Lisa (I hope you don't mind)--you're motivational yourself in so many ways.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Compliments to the Chef

Several people have asked about a pic of Brian in uniform--so before he dashed out to school today, I made him pose for this candid. His uniform also has an apron, but you couldn't see most of the uniform if he had the apron on.
He's so handsome...

This was the first "real professional" dinner he cooked for me--Chicken Chasseur--and it was the most amazing thing I HAVE EVER EATEN!! IT WAS SO GOOD!
And here are Brian's homemade yeast doughnuts--we were so proud--(I did the decorating)

Lots more to come--isn't that exciting? (well, for me it is!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The mysterious Trace

Okay okay, here he is...the pictures everyone has been waiting for--in no particular order...

VOILA!! This was yesterday

Also yesterday

When he turned 3 months old (born 10-18-08)

About 2 months old

About a couple of days old

About 30 minutes old

About 2 months old (Kalen is 3.5 and Brady is 21 mo's at this time)

It doesn't matter, because this happens every day

Another one from yesterday

About 1 day old

Now, if I can get a fourth slide show's giving me problems, but Christy told me I can just put pics in my blog...I don't know why I didn't think about that :-)

The real troublemaker

Anyone who knows us or talks to me regularly knows Brady is our special, all-boy, "troublemaker" in the family...

Kalen always goes to bed very easily, (it's been a blessing) but Brady normally gets regular visits by the parents before he finally settles down. The other night Brady decided to start climbing out of his crib and up the bunk bed to bother Kalen (we tried Brady in the bottom bunk for a while, but I might as well put him in the playroom and let him play himself to sleep if we were to try to keep him in the bunk bed). Anyway, every 5-6 minutes I would hear Kalen scream, "Mooooooommm!!!! Brady is in my bed again!" and I would very sternly take Brady out of Kalen's bed and put him back in the crib and tell him to leave his brother alone. After four times, I just couldn't believe he WAS STILL NOT listening. What was possessing him to climb out?

So, as I was leaving their room, I thought I would just stand at the door and listen to catch Brady in the act...and that's when I heard it...

Kalen was saying very quietly, "Brady, come on over. Get up and climb out Brady. Come on." Then, right as I noticed my shadow on their door frame, Kalen noticed it too, and said, "Stop Brady, lay down, she's right outside the door. Lay back down like your not getting out." Brady wasn't prepared for the game taking an unexpected turn, because he began to climb out anyways, and Kalen, knowing I was right outside the door, screamed, "Mooooommmmmm, Brady's climbing out of his bed again!"


I guess I should have known better...I was the older sibling once too.