Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween stuff, lots of it!

So, in this blog my pics are all mixed up, but there are too many to try to arrange on this in a timely manner. Here is a fun craft/yummy treat Kalen, Brady and I made a few days before Halloween--Ghostly cupcakes.

We went trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood on Halloween night--and our cousins came with us--here's a group shot! My boys are the ones in front of me.

Our Halloween sort of lasted for a week!! My boys collected candy three times!! (don't worry, we mailed half of it to Uncle Thomas, in the MTC preparing for a Lithuanian mission).
The night before Halloween we went to our cousins Trunk-or-treat in Loveland, CO. The boys were the same costumes as above:
Kalen was "Snake Eyes," the black ninja from GIJOE

Brady was spiderman, and soooo excited about it

And Trace was superman--it was much easier to carry than the rubix cube (see below)

And here are our ward Trunk-or-treat costumes--we did this the week before Halloween--and Trace won the costume contest (I made it myself).

Kalen stayed the black ninja, so no new pic for him.

It's been so fun, and now we get to start preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas--so exciting!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sometimes we should listen to the jibber-jabber of a 2 yr old

So this past Sunday, Brian and I had to meet early before church to get our temple recommends renewed. That meant Grandpa was left to get the boys ready for church. (Grandma would have helped, but she was sick that morning).

Before we left, I laid all the boys clothes out in nice neat piles--everything from shirts and ties, to the socks and shoes. As I was walking out the door I told dad the diaper bag was ready to go and to make sure and spike Kalen and Brady's hair with the hair gel I was putting next to the diaper bag (I am currently spiking their hair all the time to hide the fact that they need hair cuts. I'll get around to cutting it eventually, right?)

So a few minutes before church starts, in walk my handsome boys. And grandpa did a pretty good job...but Brady's hair was a mess. It kind of looked like a "cool" mess, if you know what I mean, so I sort of liked it.

Grandpa noticed me looking at Brady's hair and said, "So, about Brady's hair..." Then he proceeded to tell that when he was getting Brady ready and putting the gel in his hair, he told Brady he didn't know much about using gel for hair (my dad is bald). Well, Brady just kept jibber-jabbering away, but dad wasn't really listening to him until Kalen came upstairs and said, 'Grandpa, that's diaper rash cream!' My dad had grabbed the cream OUT of the diaper bag instead of the gel NEXT to the diaper bag.

When I questioned Brady later, he said, "Grandpa no listen me," with a little pout. It's true--Brady was trying to tell him all along. Here is a quick pic I snapped before church started: