Thursday, May 21, 2009

One big umbrella

Normally my blogging is dedicated to my boys...but at our family reunion last week my cousin snapped this picture because it was funny--however, I think it's really symbolic. Below you'll see my little brother, who actually isn't that little anymore. He's home from his first year of college and awaiting a mission call any week now. Behind him is my dad. On this particular day, it had been quite rainy, so there were many umbrellas around--Thomas thought it would be funny to use Kalen's little miniature umbrella since he stands at 6'9" tall. And it was funny, then dad covered him with my mom's gigantic umbrella (no normal sized umbrella's in my family, no).

Anyways, that's when I thought about this:

Isn't it funny that when we are little we think we know it all, we think we can fend for ourselves, and we think we can do just fine without any help from mom or dad. As we grow older, we become more independent, and I'm not sure when it happens, but there comes a time when we know we can do it ourself. Depending on the person, maybe it's when they move out, go away to college, get married, begin a career, or whatever...but how often do we stop to realize how much of an impact our parents still have on us--how we're not really ever alone--how dad is always there "holding the umbrella over us", just in case ours doesn't work.

I know this is just all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo coming out, but basically, I wanted to write to say that I am so grateful to know my dad's always watching out for me (and my family). He was when I was little, he was when I was a teen-ager, and he still is--he's got that umbrella, that I may not notice because it's not physically touching me at all, but he's got it right over my little family, just in case we need some help--so that if I dare put mine down, he'll still be there. How often do we realize how much our parents love us? I know sometimes I take it for granted...and I have an amazing father--one who is each of his children's best friend. --How did he do that? I don't even know...but I want to be my little boys' best friend as they grow. I do know he was always there to listen, to give advice, to give discipline when needed, and to be an example of charity for anyone less fortunate. My siblings and I all recognize and agree on that.

I know you read this on occasion dad, so I just wanted to say thanks, for having your gigantic umbrella, right from the start.

Isn't it funny how a simple picture can strike up so many thoughts and feelings?
And, here's a picture of my dad's family taken at the Reunion (none of us were super duper groomed for pictures--we were camping in the middle of woods).

Left to right: Brandon and Ashley (my sister and her new husband), 19 yr old Brother Thomas, Mom, 18 yr old brother Chris (in an awfully filthy shirt), Dad, and then us: Kalen-Me-Trace (top to bottom), Brady, and Brian.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding day and funny story

First, a quick funny story: My friend Kacy watched the boys the other day and told me that during lunch Kalen was sitting at the table and announced that his dad speaks "Pork-a-cheese." She knew he meant "Portuguese," but it was so cute she smiled and asked him to repeat it. He was a little embarrassed and said, "I don't really know how to say it, but it ends in cheese." Isn't that cute?

Then the wedding things: I have some pictures from Ashley's wedding last month. My little guys were the ring bearer's and they were the cutest little ring bearer's I've ever seen. It was hilarious because they really had no idea why they were walking down the isle, but they made it to the end, and we even got a few laughs after Brady ran into the banister at the front.

This is a family photo taken after the reception
Here's the happy couple leaving after the wedding--they didn't let the rain ruin their day at all!

Me (the matron of honor) and my lil' sis. (not the best pic of me...)

Bride and ring boys--didn't Ash look beautiful?

Walking down the isle...

Brady, right before he ran into the banister at the end of the isle

This is a cute candid of Brady at the reception

I love this shot of Brian and Brady--getting the bubbles ready for the big exit
An amazing shot of Kalen, blowing bubbles for the bride and groom's exit

Just another picture I liked of Brady outside the church
Sorry, this one is out of order, but it's Kalen showing off the Bride's ring
Despite the rain, it was truly an amazing and beautiful day--and thank you Sarah for these pics!