Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And to not leave out Brady

In my post last night I had comparison pics of Kalen and Trace--both at 5 mo's old, then I thought, I should have put Brady in there too--just for another comparison--so here are some of Brady at 5 months old. (yes, he was crawling at 5 mo's old--he's crazy).

I love my boys!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

So, this past weekend I went to Time Out for Women, which was amazing--but during the conference I got to spend time with 4 amazing mothers as well. We talked a lot about kids of course, and I've never been able to tell which parent or sibling kids look like, and especially not with my own kids--but they all swore up and down that Trace looks just like Kalen. So, I pulled out some old photos to compare (keep in mind that back in the "old" days...3 years ago...we didn't have digital camera's like we do now, so I had to scan the Kalen photos into the computer--please ignore the pixelation). What do you think?--these are all when Kalen and Trace were 5 mo's old.





Kalen in bath

Trace in bath

The funny thing is that when I got out Kalen's baby pictures, I asked Kalen if he knew who that baby was, and he said, "It's Trace!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Primary is making an impact

Kalen started as a sunbeam in primary this year and although he didn't like going into a class by himself, not with Brady, he's starting to really enjoy it. I've noticed through a few things he says that it has had its impact on him, in a good way of course.

Yesterday he told me he wanted me to read some primary rhymes and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until he pulled out a book of nursery rhymes, and I realized he had converted it in his head because he's not in "nursery" at church anymore. Isn't that funny? I've always just called them nursery rhymes. What a smart kid!

Then today we were talking while I was cleaning the kitchen and I was teasing/bragging about how smart I am. I told him, "You know I'm a very smart mommy. I know all kinds of things." Then I asked, "How do you think you got to be such a smart boy?" I was expecting him to say, "Because of you!", but he quickly said, without a second thought, "Because I learn stuff at church." I laughed, and told him he was probably right.
On a different note--I wanted to post these pictures--the day I went to see Twilight, the movie, (which despite what critics, media, etc. say, I really enjoyed) I was with some girlfriends and our husbands kept the kids. Jon Oliver got some amazing photos of Brian playing with the boys--these two are my most favorite of Brady. Aren't they awesome?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girls Already!

Well, I had to have a talk with Kalen on Friday night, about girls. As we got into the van after visiting friends, he told me he was upset because the little girl there wouldn't hold his hand. I asked why he wanted to hold her hand and he said because that's what boys and girls do. He said he asked her very nicely, but she said "No." His little heart was broken (really, he was so sad). We had a sweet talk about how sometimes our friends, for whatever reason, may not want to do what we want to do and that's okay. We talked about how he really shouldn't hold a girls hand until he's a teenager anyways. I was amazed that I was trying to mend a broken heart already--but I thought everything went pretty well--as well as it could for an almost 4 year old. I figured we could wait another few years before anymore girl-talks, but then on Sunday night we were visiting different friends, and on the way home Kalen proudly exclaimed that their little girl kissed him on his cheek three times!