Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Man in Charge

I like putting pictures on my blog, and this doesn't have to do with the following story, but it's cute, nonetheless. My boys--brothers forever!

This week has been really rough for us...I was the sickest I think I've ever been in my life, going to the ER twice--once with a real swine flu scare (it was detected at my workplace)--but I didn't have it, and another time with my first major adult ear infection...and it was awful!!

One particular morning it was really bad and I couldn't move; the boys were playing so well (they were so good the entire time, I have just great boys, I really do), but I was so worried because I couldn't keep chasing Trace around the house to watch him at all times like I normally do. The boys were in the playroom so I called Kalen over. He knew I was sick, and I asked him if he could be the biggest brother ever, and keep a close eye on Trace and help me watch him, since I couldn't see him always. Kalen agreed, then I heard him a minute later announcing to Brady and Trace that mommy as sick, so he's in charge now. Since Brady didn't complain, I let it go.

About half an hour later I was talking to my dad on the phone and I saw Brady stomping by me with a pout on his face, followed by Kalen. I said, "Why's Brady so mad?" as I watched him go to his bedroom. Kalen said, "I sent Brady to his room because he hit Trace." I was dumbfounded... Brady actually went. What's even better is that when Brady wondered out of the room, as he so often does after a minute or two, Kalen said, "Okay Brady, you need to stay in your room until I come in there to talk to you." A minute later, he was 'talking' to Brady saying, "Brady, Why did you have to go to your room? What could you have done better?"

It sounded so familiar... :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Guess who's standing?

Trace is!! All by himself, without holding on to anything!! Even long enough for me to snap a few pictures of it! And he's so proud of himself, but who wouldn't be with two older brothers and a momma yelling "yay!!" and clapping for him. He's so cute!
He turns 9 months old tomorrow~so big!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Growing boys-fun fun fun!

I was talking to my friend Megan the other day--just our usual bi-weekly/tri-weekly update about family, kids, etc., and had a realization sort of, maybe a re-realization of just how amazing my boys are individually. Each one is so different in so many ways, and each one is growing so fast. Even at their young ages, it's amazing how I can tell what kind of men they are going to be. Kalen is so smart--book smart. He hears things and immediately it's put to memory. He's a thinker and loves having deep conversations. Brady is mechanically inclined. He has always been able to scale the tallest thing in the house (like since he was 7 months old), but more and more each day I'm realizing how he knows processes and understands how things work...and picks up on functions so well. Then there's Trace, the peacemaker in the family. He's quiet, always smiling and watching his brothers--and now that he's a crawling machine, he's started exploring and following his older brothers everywhere. He doesn't mind being toted around by his arms with Kalen, and he's starting to even deal with Brady's smothering pretty well. He rolls off the couch, cuddle bag, and anything else with ease, hardly ever a fuss. He's just content being with others and brings joy to those around him.

I just wanted to post some updated pictures I took tonight in the tub (Brian thinks I'm silly for taking so many pics of them in the tub, but it's just so cute!):

Also, I've been reading my friend's blogs, about how much fun they had on the fourth and I wanted to share some "borrowed" pictures from Destiny's blog. Also, if you have a moment, she and her hubby put together a video of our water sliding that day (put to music), and it's awesome...some of you may recognize others in the video, so feel free to click on Destiny and Tyler's link from my page and watch it--it's really fun (hope you don't mind Des). One of the first clips is of the kids all going down together, and yes, that is Brady in front, getting twisted around and going down on his back, head first. The boys just loved it!!