Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Guinea anyone?

So, this year Santa brought my boys two Guinea Pigs! That's right--despite Brian's "No rodents" rule, we are now the proud parents of a boy and a girl guinea pig (don't worry, the boy is fixed). Here are some pictures from Christmas morning. The boys were excited, and we were surprised at how big Guinea Pigs really are! They're like little rabbits, and they're great with the boys as you will soon see:

Brady with his Guinea Pig named "Hamster"
(he named him himself)

Kalen with "Leafy" who evidently loves to eat
leaves (Kalen named her)

Here's Kalen posing with Leafy the next day--like I mentioned,
they let the boys handle them in all kinds of ways.
Here's another one with Hamster and Brady--I like this one
because it really shows Brady's excitement.
And to not forget about Trace, tonight he was feeding
Hamster and when I turned my back...

He stole the carrot!

We hope you all had a fun-filled and loving holiday.

We're grateful for each of you in so many ways.


Emily said...

I myself have a no rodent rule. I only wish I had been smart enough to break it and get guinea pigs (they are big!) instead of my dumb dog! :)

Megan said...

I'm glad the boys are enjoying their Christmas surprise so much! I hope they are a great addition to your family.

Emily said...

Amber-come back!