Monday, May 14, 2012

Here it is, after two years...I knew I'd come back one day.

It's been two years almost since I blogged, but an old college friend, a sister, and a grandma have encouraged me to get back at it.  I loved blogging back in the day, and it makes me remember how cute my kids are :-)

Today is Mother's Day.  I'm so grateful for a wonderful mom and grandmothers.  I'm grateful for inspiring girlfriends and sisters, of whom I learn from.  I hope to be the type of mom they continually teach me to be.  I love them.

We recently had a baby girl, the first girl...she's our princess.  Kalen loves her and looks at her often from afar...with 'wondering awe' sometimes.  I see the love he has for her, and he talks about his love for her, but he's not one that will consistently smother her, like Brady.  Brady is in her face always.  I have a great cell phone picture of him trying to kiss her --she's screaming.  Brady is full of love and truly loves this new little girl in our family.  Trace told me last week that Addison is not pretty.  I said, "What?" sort of shocked because we are obviously always talking about how pretty she is.  He repeated, matter-of-factly, "She's not pretty.  You are though, mom."  (He really said that, I didn't edit that part into the story).  Then he added after seeing my somewhat shocked face, "She's almost pretty..."  I guess he thought that would make it better.  I laughed though...he did tell me the day before that girls are supposed to have long hair and that Addison looked like a boy because she doesn't have much hair.  We decided it's okay; I'm sure she'll be pretty in his eyes when she grows more hair.

When we found out we were pregnant, it was a surprise...we weren't sure what to think.  The first couple of months went by in a blur as we realized more and more everyday that we would be staring over...with everything, and doing it all again.  That's a really weird feeling.  I think that when you think you are done, you let things go-you forget so much.  Daily we kept remembering things that we had forgotten and it was overwhelming.

Then, on a wonderful day in November, with all three boys watching the ultrasound, we were informed a baby girl would be joining us.  Kalen was so happy.  He's been planning on having a sister since we found out we were pregnant with Brady.  He told me when Trace was born that we were still supposed to have a sister, and that God wanted us to have four kids, but I thought it was just him talking nonsense, like 3 year olds do.  Now I know though that Addison was supposed to come, and just maybe, when Kalen was very young, he knew it too.

Brady was happy when we found out too.  He said she could sleep in his room.  I told him she may not want a boy room and besides, where would she sleep, there were three boys already in that room.  He replied, "she can sleep in the closet."  What a sweet brother (keeping in mind their closet is not a large closet by any means).

Trace is also great with her...there was that one time when she was 5 days old and I walked into the living room to see him carrying Addison under his arm like a sack of potatoes...her poor newborn head just dangling there.  First instinct is to holler, but you don't do that when you see a 3 yr old "secretly" carrying his baby sister... I ran across the room and "helped" him as I asked him what he was doing and reminded him that we don't carry our baby sister yet.  He was just moving her from one couch to the he could hold her and still see the TV okay.  Totally makes sense, right?

Okay, so there's my first new post.  I have to get all my pictures in order, so I can post them in my blogs again...sorry for no pics yet.  No one other than those in Colorado know what Addison looks like...I feel bad, but I'll get the pics on here.  And update the boys pics too...Promise   :-)