Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catch up time--and Easter Eggs!

Well, here I am...thanks much to Emily...whose "Come baaaack" message was always in the back of my mind. I feel so bad having not updated my blog since Christmas. Just a quick update, though, and you will totally understand.

Since we moved to CO, I've been working full-time at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, doing something I love. I am also the Relief Society secretary in my ward, so that keeps me busy as well, sending out weekly emails and updating our Notebooks weekly. On top of that and being a mom (which is my MOST favorite part of my life), I am also pursuing my Masters Degree--but doing it online, so I can do it when the boys are asleep. Even though it's online, I'm going full-time, and it's pretty exciting--I'm getting my Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in Career Counseling and Coaching.

And, if that wasn't enough, Kalen is playing soccer, so every Tuesday and Friday night we have soccer games and practice. We also participate in a babysitting/date night exchange every Friday night (after soccer) and we have successfully kept our goal of going to the Temple at least once each month. So, if you were wondering what happened to me, let's just say, I've been busy. BUT, I missed blogging, so I will try to keep it up some more.

I've posted some updated pics of the boys.

Trace is now 18 months old--yay for nursery at church!

Brady turned 3 in March!!

And Kalen is the BIG 5!!

So, something fun we recently did was die Easter Eggs--but this year, we "Tie-died" them, literally--we died them with Ties!! The pics below are pictures of the finished products, and they are on top of the pieces of ties we used to die them--IT WAS SO EASY, and it was fun seeing how each tie turned out as we unwrapped it...

We had a lot more, but didn't want to bore you with all the egg pics--but here are the ties we used, pre-cutting them for the eggs!

Brady did the funniest thing tonight, he's getting so smart...stay tuned for my next post.