Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three, Four, or Five??

So, we spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting my dear college-friend Nicole, who was visiting her mom in Bonita Springs, FL. We went to the beach both days and the boys loved it. What Kalen loved the most was Nicole's little 6 month old baby girl, Taylor. The whole time we were there, he kept saying how much he wished he had a "cute little baby sister." Then, on the way home he professed that he thought Heavenly Father wants us to have FOUR kids in our family. I laughed, because as most of you know, Brian and I have agreed that three sounds just about perfect and we think we're done reproducing :-)

When we got home, I told Brian what Kalen had claimed. In an attempt to sway his thoughts, we asked Kalen, "What if mommy has a fourth baby, and Heavenly Father decides He wants it to be another boy AGAIN--we can't just choose to have a sister." Kalen looked so sweet as he thought for about 3 seconds, then he said, "Well, if that happened, I'd be happy, but then I think Heavenly Father would want us to have FIVE kids!"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

My brother Thomas is going on a mission...meaning he'll be gone for two years. So, before he leaves, he came to visit us in FL for three weeks and has been helping to watch the boys when Brian and I are both at work. Today when I got home, the boys were so excited because they were making a music video with Uncle Thomas. I thought it was awesome---so I wanted to put it on my blog. Enjoy!!